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This is an application bundle by Google built for Teachers and Students.
It comes with various range of application and you can use this service with your institute branding,
i.e. everything comes at @your-institute-domain with no cost i.e. FREE-OF-COST To know more click here


We provide Google Apps for Education which comes free of cost. This is a complete suite of Productivity Tools for Classroom Collaboration which comes under your @domain. This suite includes applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Classroom, Sites etc. for more click here.


To bring power of Google Apps to your school/college. This will bring everyone on the same communication platform which includes staff members, students and others. With this you can work with files everywhere, anywhere, anytime know more


To adopt Google technologies, you just need to follow simple process. Submit signed scanned copy of Letter of Intent, you can download the format from here. Also, you need to send the hard copy of the same at our registered mailing address.

You have Gone Google

You are now ready to use Google Apps at your domain. Please write us a feedback.

To know more click here


a cloud based Educational ERP solution built on Google Apps for both school and colleges. This solution is completely integrated with Google Apps and covers almost all modules start from admissions to graduation. The major modules which was covered under this ERP solution are student management, staff management, search user database, attendance management, timetable management, student assessment both online and offline, fee management, transport management, hostel management, training and placement, offline access, multiple dashboard etc.


Educational ERP built on foundation of Google Apps. EduPro provides various functionalities which covers the cycle from admission to graduation. This provides the following modules like student & staff management, attendance, timetable & assessment management, training and placement, other administrative tasks like fee, transport and hostel management


• First ever Google Apps based ERP • Subscription based, pay what you use • Anytime, anywhere access • Easy to setup • Support for offline access • Provides multiple dashboard depends on user type administrator, management, teacher, non-teaching staff, students and parents


To bring EduPro to you institute as a prerequisite you need to have Google Apps for Education. If your institute don't have Google Apps click here you will get this free of cost. After this, its simple process to setup EduPro. Below given process will guide you the same in brief


You are now ready to use EduPro at your domain. You can access EduPro application from the launcher provided at each screen of Google Apps. EduPro will display different dashboard for different type of users. Please write us a feedback.

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