Advantages for Educational Institutions with Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education offers multiple tools and technologies that can be used to drive future of Education. The tools are advantageous for schools college because
a. Anytime Anywhere Access
b. Completely free of cost
c. Cloud based , so no investment on expensive hardware / software
d. Delivered through web

The tools offered include
a. Gmail
b. Google Drive
c. Google Hangouts
d. Google Calendar

All the above technologies can be used to to automate process of teaching and learning in school or college.

Paperless Communications
– Provide Google identity to every student , staff @domain (e.g. at @school name)
Calendar for Rostering Time tables
– Use of Google Calendar for time table schedules ,class reminders, exam schedules.
Online Lecture/School notes
– Ability to share school/college notes using Google Drive