Difference between Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Work is a comprehensive tools of applications meant for Enterprises to get messaging and collaboration services delivered as a cloud service. The applications include tools like email , internet drive (where files can be stored online ) ,video conference and many more applications. All the applications can be accessed from anywhere anytime from any connected device.

Google Apps for Education
Google as part of their corporate social responsibility offers the same set of tools and applications as offered to enterprises free of cost to Education Institutes. The focus of these tools is to drive use of technology in schools and colleges to help enable better teaching and learning. The tools can be used from day to day messaging / communication to complex use of automation of school and college processes. The tools offered as part of apps include

Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Hangouts
Google Spreadsheets
Google Presentations
Google Doc

If the college /school wants to enroll and get these applications free of cost , they need to send the request to upgrade their domain to Google for Education.

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